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DSL accounts with static IP address for remote administration and for running server applications allows you to:

1. Login to your computer and access your data remotely

L A Bridge realizes that one of the greatest advantages of a dedicated access service like DSL is the ability to log into your computers from a remote location. Many of our customers use  programs like VNC, Timbuktu, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, Filemaker Pro, SSH and webmin to operate their systems remotely.  Screen sharing, video conferencing, Internet gaming and video sharing (e.g. Slingbox) work best with static IP.

2. Run your own web server or e-mail server for yourDomain.com

L A Bridge encourages customers to run their own servers as long as no laws are broken or copyright infringement takes place. If your domain name is registered with L A Bridge we will point the "MX" (mail exchange) records and A records to your personal static address for free. This service is commonly used by our DSL customers to run their own mail  and web servers under their own domain name.

3. Run a Virtual Private Network or even a "True Private Network"

If you have two locations (e.g. your office and your home) which you would like to be able to share printers and servers between then you should sign up for L A Bridge DSL accounts at both locations. Let us know before you order and we can configure your systems for "True Private Networking". A true private network allows you to have the security of VPN without any setup on your end.  One of our Cisco certified staff will configure a multi-point network share that will place both of your satellite offices effectively on the same LAN. Additional software may be required if you are going to implement a traditional VPN.

Static IP address services are often lower latency and therefore faster than  the PPPoE product. L A Bridge is an independent ISP and we can cater our services to your particular needs. Consider L A Bridge and please contact us with any questions.

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