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 Features in brief:
  • 100Megabit full duplex connection to a Cisco Catalyst switch
  • Effective peering with MAE-LA and Internet-2 in southern California
  • Dedicated KVM port (Keyboard, Video, Mouse)
  • UPS (Uninteruptible Power Supply) + automatic transfer to diesel generator
  • on-site backups: Backup your changes nightly (5/mo.)
  • off-site backups outside the earthquake zone using RSYNC (9.99/mo)
  • 24 hour server uptime monitoring (details on Pagesentry)
  • "hands and eyes" support during business hours and by appointment
  • Cisco/CompTIA certified support staff available on I.M. and e-mail
  • SNMP bandwidth statistics using MRTG (detailed here)
  • e-mail "spooling" where our servers catch mail to your server if it's down
  • e-mail virtual hosting with webmail, POP, IMAP, calendar and groupware access.
  • spam/virus quarantine
Security & Redundancy:

  1. Secured facility: Both facilities have a 24 hour/day security. Our customers must have an appointment to gain access to our fifth floor co-lo space both during and after business hours. Elevators work during business hours but you must have a keycard to get in the building and that card must be programmed specially to allow you to get to certain floors using the elevators. Only L A Bridge staff and other authorized tenants have this access.
  2. Secured equipment: No equipment can leave the facilities without a signed authorization form that includes serial numbers and some other details. A designated staff person whose name is on file with the building management can remove equipment if they can prove their identity to the guards.
  3. Hands & Eyes: Most of our co-location customers never come into the data center because L A Bridge offers "remote hands & eyes" in the event that customers have lost connection with their system via the Internet. By special arrangement, and usually with a small fee, hands & eyes service can be arranged after business hours in emergency situations. L A Bridge staffers live less than 5 miles from the facility so it's pretty easy for one of us to head over when necessary.
  4. Fire Suppression: Much of the southern California building has unabated asbestos on the girders so fires on lower floors can not easily spread to the upper floors. There are class-C fire extinguishers throughout the building. These extinguishers are designed to handle electrical fires specifically.

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