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Naked DSL aka StandAlone DSL (aka dry loop)

The nifty thing about Naked DSL or StandAlone DSL, is there's no land line required and therefore no phone bill from the phone company either.  While those are the advantages of StandAlone DSL there are special technical requirements that should be considered before ordering the service. The telco is responsible for connecting the copper cable for StandAlone DSL to the NID (outside phone box) only and will not install anything inside the premises to assure the DSL is working at the inside wall jack. Many residential locations have no problem connecting at the jack but there's no way to guarantee it.  If the signal connects to a jack in a location you don't want or doesn't connect at all, the end user is responsible for any inside wiring (usually this consists of connecting a spare wire pair from the cable at the NID to the inside RJ11 jack).  L A Bridge can supply the appropriate modem kit but the activation does not include a visit to your location to handle any inside wiring or installation.  L A Bridge can provide a referral to a reliable consultant for wiring. 

Converting to StandAlone DSL
An existing phone line already provisioned with DSL (must have an atm modem) can be converted to StandAlone DSL. This process removes the ability of the landline to transmit the analog signal for voice or fax and leaves only the digital signal.

Switching ISPs and Converting to StandAlone DSL
For those who are not L A Bridge subscribers, L A Bridge can place a seamless ISP switch order so your circuit can be moved to the L A Bridge network without service interruption.  Once on our network and after the telco data base is updated, L A Bridge can submit a "Convert to StandAlone" order which takes 3 to 5 days to complete and does not interrupt service. 

Multi-line Telephone Accounts
Some customers have a "multi-line" account with their ILEC (Intrinsic Local Exchange Carrier aka 'telco" -- not a 3rd party carrier) and converting to StandAlone takes an addtional step.  L A Bridge customers must contact Verizon's billing office (that number is usually found on the second page of the monthly phone bill) and a request made to have the phone number over which DSL is provisioned changed so it "bills to itself" (use that terminology).  As with any call, we rigorously recommend the customer make note of the date, time and name of the rep to whom the request is made. You should expect to be provided with an order confirmation number and due date.  Record that information as well and keep it for future reference should there be a problem.  Email the order confirmation number to sales@LABridge.com with your name, address and order due date.  Once the voice disconnect authorization has been documented by the Verizon office, L A Bridge can submit a the conversion request.  Barring unforeseen technical issues, that conversion should be completed in 5 business days or less.  For those customers whose DSL is not currently provisioned by L A Bridge, a simple, seamless ISP Switch to L A Bridge order can be submitted -- then the billing change followed by the StandAloneDSL conversion. 

The small print:
Here are some things to consider when ordering or switching to  NakedDSL:

When an existing phone line is converted to NakedDSL or if new NakedDSL service is installed the end user may lose the advantages of emergency response (911).  The 911 service over a land line will be responded to by a local emergency agency.  Your phone number and street address will be seen by the 911 operator.  Even if you can't speak, help can be initiated.  With cell phones, the 911 call may not display your location and the call itself may be routed to the state's Highway Patrol or some other agency depending on local/state government policy.

StandAlone DSL has lower priority with the phone company if your connection is not working and the source of the problem is in the telco's equipment.  The priority timeline for repair (must be repaired by date) is dial tone = 24 hrs;  DSL = 1-5 business days; StandAlone DSL = up to 7 business days.  In our experience, I have only seen one instance where StandAlone customer had to wait 5 days for a repair tech.  Again, this does not mean L A Bridge waits 1 to 7 days to repair something on our equipment -- this only applies to repair of the telco's equipment (includes everything up to the outside phone box attached to your building).

Those non-L A Bridge DSL end users with a Fujitsu modem will need to change modems in order to take advantage of the seamless ISP switch.

True StandAlone DSL as described in the first paragraph is only available in Verizon territory at this time. 

"ISP Switch" is not available if your internet data connection is with a cable company or if the dial tone has been contracted to third party providers.  Conducting a pre-qual will allow us to know what services may be provided.

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