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Fiber Facts for the Consumer

The information on this page is intended to provide little known details for consumers considering a fiber optics connection.

Because Verizon broke its contract with independent ISPs which allowed us to sell fiber optics data connections, we are no longer allowed to offer FTAS.  However, the following facts about switching from DSL to fiber optics remain the same.

Once FiOS is installed and activated at a location, DSL is disabled by Verizon and will not be re-connected.  "Good riddance to bad rubbish" you may say, but there are some important reasons to maintain a copper phone line.  Fiber optics is not regulated by the FCC so if there's a break in the fiber optics connection, there's no incentive for Verizon to repair it with haste in order to avoid serious fines -- as there is with phone service over copper phone lines.  Across the U.S. fiber cuts due to erroneous digging or natural disasters have interrupted fiber optic service that have taken as long as 3 weeks to repair.  These are extreme examples and not the norm. 

Because the DSL option is disabled once the fiber optics connection is installed, serious consideration should be given to maintaining a basic copper phone line provisioned with minimal DSL as back up for those individuals and businesses that cannot be without prolonged outages. This is particularly important for businesses. The telco conglomerate will make it very difficult if not downright impossible to keep active DSL as a backup after their fiber optics installation.  The point is: you may want to keep your copper phone line for backup.  Minimal DSL bandwidth can be turned up to its maximum when needed.  DSL may not provide the bandwidth you desire but at least it's a connection to the internet.  

Fiber optics is a fantastic technology and provides an exceptional internet connection. However, most consumers aren't aware of these details before hand. As a matter of telco policy, once DSL is disabled in the aftermath of fiber optics install, it is never re-enabled. Corporations have been known to modify policy especially when consumers boycott them or they lose market share.  Unfortunately, most consumers don't know about this issue until it's too late.

To re-iterate, this material is intended to facilitate consumer education about internet connections over fiber and not to turn anyone away from getting a fiber optics connection.  Fiber optics is a solid technology and very exciting option for consumers. However, this kind of information is usually provided in ultra-small print, if at all.  L A Bridge staff feels strongly that anyone who switches to fiber optics should be given this information before making the switch.


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